Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

While evaluation essays are not difficult to write, as you are simply required to evaluate a product, service, entity, event or something else, there is one major trap to watch out for – making your piece overly opinionated. Remember that you have to do research and outline both the pros and cons. You must back your statements with evidence. Now that you have a general idea of how to approach this type of assignment, go over the 100 evaluation essay topics below and pick one. They all give you the opportunity to create a great piece with the potential to get an A.
Economics, Finance and Business
1. A local company
2. The performance of your country’s economy over the past decade
3. The real estate market in your town or city
4. The stock market performance of a public company
5. The marketing strategy of a major brand
6. The market performance of a popular technology product
7. The effects on the economy of the last reduction/increase of the base interest rate in your country
8. The public transport prices in your local area

Government, Politics and Social Matters

9. A recent action taken by the government
10. A politician from your local area
11. A type of government policy for reducing poverty
12. The 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump
13. An initiative for helping homeless people in your local area
14. The plurality electoral system
15. The actions taken to deal with traffic congestion in a big city
16. The latest healthcare reform in your country
17. A non-governmental organization which is active in your area

Family and Personal Matters

18. How divorce affects the children in the family
19. Long-distance relationships
20. Becoming a parent at an older age
21. Monogamy
22. A dating website or mobile app
23. The physical punishment of children by the parents
24. Your relationship with a sibling or a close cousin

Everyday Matters

25. The supermarket that you most often shop at
26. The last restaurant that you went to
27. A cosmetics product that you use daily
28. Your daily trip to school
29. The last fast food meal that you had
30. A deli in your neighborhood
31. Your local gym or a sports facility in the area


32. How your smartphone works
33. The latest version of the Android operating system
34. A popular photo app
35. The cell phone plan that you currently use
36. A website that you visit often
37. The performance of your laptop or desktop computer
38. The social network that you use most often
39. The current antivirus software on your computer
40. The gaming experience on your smartphone
41. The web browser that you use
42. A mobile app with augmented reality
43. The performance of an electric car currently sold in the market


44. The learning resources that you use most often
45. Physical education in high schools
46. The concept of year-round schooling
47. A software program for learning a new language
48. The concept of homeschooling
49. A sexual education program in a public school
50. A tutoring program in your school
51. How community service affects students
52. Your academic performance last school year
Media and Entertainment

53. The daily talk show that you watch most often
54. The last movie that you saw
55. A newspaper article on a recent and/or controversial topic
56. The style of a celebrity
57. The accuracy of a TV weather forecast program
58. A movie remake that has come out in recent times
59. A local newspaper
60. A video game which a friend has recommended to you
61. A recent TV add which has gained a lot of popularity
62. A board game that you play often
63. A reality TV show with a large audience
64. The news channel that you watch most often
65. A recent movie based on a book

Health and Nutrition

66. The Paleo diet
67. Forced feeding for patients with anorexia
68. The Dukan diet
69. Aroma therapy for migraine
70. The Atkins diet
71. Green tea for the overall wellbeing
72. The zone diet
73. Massage for depression
74. Diet for ADHD
75. Anti-aging laser treatment
76. Intermittent fasting
77. Cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD


78. The use of imagery in a poem
79. A major literary movement
80. How the author had built a character in a novel
81. The ending of a famous play

82. A musical style
83. An art movement
84. The last album of your favorite band or solo artist
85. The latest collection of a famous fashion designer
86. A dance style
87. An opera
88. The last theatre performance that you saw
89. An art exhibition taking place near you
90. The role of the music in a popular movie


91. The occupation of a person who is close to you
92. Last season’s performance of your favorite sports team
93. Your performance at a recent competition
94. The last vacation that you went to
95. A hotel that you have stayed at
96. The first time you tried something new
97. Your most recent performance on stage or in sports
98. The personal security measures that you have adopted
99. The cuisine of another country
100. A recent global event that has made an impression on you
How do you choose among the diverse evaluation essay topics presented here? Consider the academic discipline which you have to write the essay for in the first place. Then pick a topic which is of the greatest interest to you. Before you make a final decision do some research on it to confirm that there is a sufficient number of resources which you can use to write an essay which will receive accolades from your teacher. Remember that when writing an evaluation essay, you don’t have to express a firm opinion and stick to it, but to produce a balanced assessment presenting different aspects. Simply put, you should try to have both pros and cons.

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The Top 25 Interesting Evaluation Essay Topics To Discover

Students have to encounter many types of assignments; some of which suit them while some stun them. Evaluation essay is a rather middle of the road type; which they may not automatically fall in love with but they surely don’t dread.

The mental caliber

While writing the evaluation piece, you should have the mental caliber to understand the precinct of the topical theme in detail. Merely remaining on the surface is not going to help the matter. You cannot fairly evaluate an entity without knowing the thick and thin of it.

A case in mind

Most people who state they don’t believe in God actually don’t know God. This tenet applies to many courses. You tend to envision a positive or negative image of a theme or incidence without absorbing what caused the incidence or who were the actual sufferers.

Truth beyond eyes

Many a times, what comes out is diametrically opposite to what actually happened. In that case, your evaluation will be a beaten job. Thus, it is necessary to learn the factual truth about the theme. Meanwhile, here are 25 captivating evaluation essay topics for your convenience –

  1. Evaluate the impact of contact sports on formative adolescent minds
  2. Evaluate the influence of strong literature into social conscience
  3. Evaluate the differential status of women during various junctures of the last 100 years
  4. Evaluate the texture of current education system
  5. Evaluate the future prospects of online education
  6. Evaluate the feasibility of ‘Life on the Moon’ if and when it is rendered livable
  7. Evaluate the factors that make a country financially independent
  8. Evaluate the rise and fall of Tiger Woods
  9. Evaluate the gradual rise of sex and violence on celluloid over the decades
  10. Evaluate the gradual understanding and spread of awareness about AIDS
  11. Evaluate the key factors necessary to grow a start-up into a profitable enterprise
  12. Evaluate the logic behind homework; should it be banned
  13. Evaluate the impact of social media on teenagers
  14. Evaluate the truth behind casting couch syndrome
  15. Evaluate the differential effect of heredity and environment on the evolution of a child
  16. Evaluate the deep layers of Death in Venice by Thomas Mann
  17. Evaluate the factors that may help cultivate and foster energy consciousness
  18. Evaluate reasons behind the cataclysmic degradation of West Indies as a cricket team
  19. Evaluate the impact of nightspots on the new age lifestyle
  20. Evaluate the problems that managers of multicultural enterprises face
  21. Evaluate the troubles that students face while writing a dissertation
  22. Evaluate the factors behind unmitigated smuggling of cocaine
  23. Evaluate why capital punishment should be banned
  24. Evaluate why modern musical standards are no match for the prowess of traditional music
  25. Evaluate the necessity and importance of sequential blogs

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