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Primary Texts and Literature About Them or Their Authors

          Part I: Listed by authors' dates             Before the Christian Era - 4th c.
                                                                           5th c. - 9th c.
                                                                          10th c. - 14th c.
                                                                          15th c. - present
          Part II (DU): Texts whose authors' dates are unknown
          Part III (ADU): Texts whose authors and dates are unknown

Literature about the Philosophical Systems and Indian Philosophy in General 

Part IV

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  • Personal Bibliography of primary and secondary literature on Indology and the History of Science and Medicine]

    Curated by Dominik Wujastyk

    At the time of writing (11/2014) the bibliography numbers over 3000 items. Searchable by keyword. Provides BibTeX format for cut-and-paste to your own bibliography. Provides URL links to PDFs and journal websites in many cases.
  • [Online Library of Digitized Sanskrit and Prakrit Manuscript Catalogues]

    Curated by Dominik Wujastyk

    This collection of manuscript catalogues is derived almost entirely from the Digital Library of India. Some come from the Archive.org and the Jain eLibrary. A great debt of gratitude is due to all these resources for selflessly promoting scholarship.
  • [H-Buddhism Bibiliography Project]

    An online Zotero bibliography by Pierce Salguero

    "A comprehensive, open, online bibliography for the field of Buddhist studies, managed by H-Buddhism, the online network of scholars of Buddhism"
  • [Dutch Studies on South Asia, Tibet and classical Southeast Asia]

    A website by Dory Heiligers:

    "In 1985, Hanneke 't Hart (MA) and Marianne Oort (MA), both employed at the library of the Kern Institute, took the initiative to compile a Selected Bibliography of Indology in the Netherlands since the 17th century, to be presented at the 7th World Sanskrit Conference held in Leiden. The work turned out to be more extensive than was planned. Later, with E. A. Kuijper, the project was continued to produce a printed version of the bibliography. Although considerable progress was made in the course of a few years, the work was not completed in a form that could be published. In 2011, dr Dory Heilijgers, a former librarian of the Kern Institute, resumed the work. She brought the contents up to date, extended the scope by adding the fields of sociology, anthropology and Tibetology, completed the formatting, added the biographic data, and made the collected information available on the present website."
  • [Sanskrit Periodicals : Newspapers and Magazines]

    Venetia Ansell is compiling a list of Sanskrit newspapers and periodicals. In her blog, she invites comments and writes:

    "There are a great many more Sanskrit dailies, weeklies, monthlies and so on than you might have expected—well over 75 at the last count. Here is a list of as many as I have been able to find details of—most of these were taken from a list published in Sragdhara, a Sanskrit monthly from Orissa, and others have been added via the Sanskrit Documents team ... "

  • [Epic and Puranic Bibliography]

    "The Epic and Puranic Bibliography On-Line publishes the work of over a decade of the "Tübingen Purana-Project". The on-line bibliography contains all entries of the printed version Epic and Puranic Bibliography (up to 1985) annotated and with indexes (Wiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz, 1992) as well as the yet unpublished work of the second phase and the new entries which are now added to the more than 13,000 entries available from the first two phases."

  • [South Asia Research Documentation Services (SARDS)]

    "SARDS3 is an electronic database containing bibliographic references to South Asia research articles published in journals, collective volumes, conference proceedings, Festschriften, etc. SARDS3 is a joint undertaking of the Indological Chairs at the Universities of Bonn, Halle, Munich and the management of the University Library Halle. It aims at the retrospective filling of identifiable bibliographic gaps in the previous version SARDS2 (publications between 1797 and 2000). The focus of SARDS3 is on the humanities and social sciences. To date, over 93,000 citations are electronically searchable, covering the period from 1797 until 2000."

  • [An Annotated Bibliography of the History of Indian Medicine]

    Jan Meulenbeld has published An annotated bibliography of Indian medicine on the internet. An earlier version of this bibliography was published in his book A history of Indian medical literature. At present the bibliography contains some 10.000 items, which can be accessed by searching or browsing alphabetically.

    Visitors are invited to contribute to this bibliography by adding information about existing titles and informing the author about recent appearances.

  • [Karl Potter's Bibliography of Indian Philosophy]

    This site constitutes a bibliography of the philosophical literature of India during its classical phase and the secondary material on this literature that is available (for the most part) in English. This website is an expanded and updated version of the Bibliography which appeared as Volume I of Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies.

  • [National Bibliography of Indian Literature (NBIL)]

    The National Bibliography of Indian Literature (NBIL) is a compilation of works "of literary merit, and important and significant books on Philosophy, Religion, History and the other aspects of the Humanities". The Bibliography covers the period from 1901-1953.

  • [South Asia Union Catalogue]

    The South Asia Union Catalogue is an historical bibliography describing books and periodicals published in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, colonial Burma, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka from 1556 through the present and a union catalogue of holdings.

  • [Bibliography of Asian Studies]

    Full content of the whole twenty years of the annual printed Bibliography of Asian Studies (from 1971–1991), plus citations for all articles from 1992–present in 100+ of the most important journals in Asian studies, as well as numerous other citations from recent years.

    Approximately 823,000 citations that can be searched within seconds and easily downloaded and printed. ...

    Available only via library subscription. For how to subscribe, and other information, please go to the the Association for Asian Studies websitei. Individual access costs $75 for AAS members and $125 for non-members.

    Cf. also: [Bibliography of Asian Studies-South Asia Index]

  • [INBUDS - Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database]

    The Indian and Buddhist Studies Treatise Database is an online database gathering scholarly articles published in Japan relating to Indian and Buddhist Studies. Key words from each article are input as data, making an online search possible based on either a key word or the author's name. Construction of the Database began in 1984 and continues to the present. The Database is available to anyone (provided they agree to the conditions of use) over the Internet at the homepage of Association's Database Center. [http://www.inbuds.net/]

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