Theravada Buddhism Coursework

The Institute of Buddhist Studies offers three graduate degree programs:

Application deadlines for all three degree programs are:

  • Fall Priority Deadline — February 1st*
  • Fall Final Deadline — June 1st
  • Spring Priority Deadline — October 1st
  • Spring Final Deadline — December 1st

* Students are encouraged to apply before the February 1st deadline to receive consideration for some institutional grants.

Degree Programs

Degree ProgramAdministered byTotal UnitsApply to
Master of Arts, Buddhist Studies ConcentrationJointly by the IBS and GTU48 (2 years of full-time coursework)GTU
Master of Buddhist Studies (MBS)IBS48 (2 years of full-time coursework)IBS
Master of Divinity (MDiv)IBS72 (3 years of full-time coursework) IBS

Research Postgraduate Degree Programme (MPhil and PhD)

The Research Postgraduate programme leading to the award of MPhil and PhD degrees aims to broaden and deepen students’ knowledge in Buddhist Studies. It enables students to conduct research in the study of Buddhism and assess its value to modern society. It is expected that novelty and scholarly research will lead to innovative application of Buddhist philosophy to contemporary studies in social sciences and human well-being such as psychotherapy, palliative care and business management.

Programme Structure

Candidates for the MPhil programme are required to follow an approved course of study under structured supervision including coursework. The normal period of study is 2 years for full-time students and 3 years for part-time students.

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