Best Essay Books For Competitive Exams For Engineering

The market is becoming increasingly competitive. It is always good to keep one’s grey cells active and exercise them regularly. A person might complete graduation and start working, but one never ceases to learn. You might decide to sit for competitive exams, switch careers and move on. Here are some apps that can help you prepare for the exams efficiently without getting bored.

Math Tricks

This is the best app I have come across to speed up calculations and improve math skills. The app has five options — Single Game, Multiplayer, Joint Game, Training Mode and By Heart. The Single Game category has four options — to the bitter end, minute challenge, speed challenge and no time challenge. You can set the level of difficulty and start playing. In the Multiplayer Category, you can challenge your friends online. The Joint Game category features a split screen which allows two people to solve the problems simultaneously. The quicker you are, the more points you get. Training Mode allows you to select the type of problem you want to solve such as addition, subtraction, exponential and so on. The By Heart category helps you learn the tables.

GK for SSC IBPS and IAS Exams

Whether you are preparing for the civil services exam, bank PO and clerk exam, GATE or the CTET, this app can help you prepare comprehensively and make sure that you are ready for the D-day. The content is available in English and Hindi and includes question banks and mock tests and e-books that can be accessed offline as well, once they have been synced or downloaded. It provides daily updates on current affairs and news articles and has a community where students can post queries or check the response to questions asked by other students. The app also has an announcements option that provides latest notifications of the exam you have chosen.

Aptitude Test and Preparation

This app can help you test your aptitude for any of the competitive exams you are preparing for. It has seven options that include Formulae, Solved Problems, Practice, Tests, Daily Test, Online Test and Tips and Tricks. You can change the theme colour to suit your preferences. While in the practice mode, you can select the category you want to focus on, such as age, area, numbers, profit and loss and so on. While taking the test, you have the following options available: 50:50 (takes away two of the multiple choices), a notepad for rough work, formula and concepts table and detailed explanation of the problem. You can also bookmark the question for future reference. At the end of the test, a pie chart is displayed with the details of your performance.

WELCOME TO Competition Success Review.

Competition Success Review is an immensely popular magazine meant for students preparing for competitive examinations in different areas. It covers everything that is asked in different examinations held for selection of candidates for jobs throughout India. The Civil Services aspirants find it indispensable due to its all-encompassing format—both for objective and descriptive tests. In every issue, it gives a synopsis of events taking place globally and at home. Besides, it has permanent feature on interviews conducted for Civil Services aspirants side by side with the success stories of top candidates selected for Civil Services. They share their views through this magazine with the millions of students preparing for the three-stage CSE. Hardly any area, which students are supposed to know, is left out. The Constitution of India, the Gandhian Thought, Indian History, etc. constitute every issue. In addition, every issue contains solved question papers of different examinations to acquaint students with the trend of questions that are asked. For over three decades, it has been invariably ranked No. 1 magazine in its area in its 55 years of existence, adding new feathers to its cap.

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